Not feeling like part of the HR team? Yep, Recruiters are on the HR team, but our challenges are different.

RecruitSpace offers the training platform you never had when you started recruiting. It’s a safe space to bring your Talent Acquisition challenges and get help from a group of your peers. Each session is led by an industry professional to guide the discussion and share ideas from a fresh perspective.

Are you new to recruiting and interested in accelerating your career? RecruitSpace provides an opportunity to build your network and community of fellow recruiting professionals by joining in on monthly discussions about recruiting-specific skills and challenges.

As a cohort member, you can practice with other members in real time, receive collaborative feedback on the spot, and open doors to new opportunities by connecting with fellow members.

It’s like therapy for Recruiters.

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What You Get:

Monthly Subscription: $129/mo

Annual Subscription: $1,400/yr