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AvatarKelsey Musick, Remodel Health

Apr 17, 20243 minutes

Health Benefit Trends in Recruitment: What Recruiters Need to Know

In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, offering attractive health benefits has become a crucial strategy for companies looking to attract and retain top talent. As the workforce evolves, so do the expectations around health benefits. Recruiters who stay up-to-date on the latest health benefits trends can ensure they are offering competitive packages and making […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Apr 10, 20244 minutes

What training is available for Recruiters?

Ask any Recruiter how they got started in the field and you’ll most often hear the refrain, “I just fell into it.”. There isn’t a lot of formal training on the market for Recruiters; it’s mostly on-the-job training. While more and more colleges and universities have a specific Human Resources degree program, generally only 1-2 […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Mar 26, 20246 minutes

Yes, And … and sometimes No

It was around New Year’s 2020, and I was feeling a bit stagnant. Bored. Uninspired. Yep… all of that. I needed a change, and I was ready to take some risks. After a few Google searches late one night, I landed on a stand-up class downtown just a few miles from my office. I had […]

job boards
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Mar 4, 20245 minutes

Which job boards are best for me?

I’ve been getting this question from a lot of job seekers in my network lately so I thought I’d drop a quick resource to help guide anyone in the current search process.   Bottom line – There are literally thousands of job search sites available and depending on your industry and professional level of expertise, there […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Feb 22, 20244 minutes

Finding the Right Balance: How Many Requisitions can a Recruiter effectively manage?

In the world of recruiting, finding the right balance between the number of requisitions assigned and the types of roles you’re handling can be a bit like walking a tightrope. Too few? You may be underutilized. Too many? You may be compromising the quality of your work. So, how many requisitions should a recruiter be […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Jan 19, 20245 minutes

What is the best way to get noticed and get in front of Recruiters during my job search?

So, you want to know how to get noticed?   How to get ‘past’ the ATS?   How to get in front of a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager? Follow Directions!   What? That’s it??  Yes, that’s it. Follow the directions (ok, and be qualified)! Ask questions if you are unclear. Don’t guess!   Just like Dorothy in the […]

AvatarAmy Oviedo

Jan 8, 20244 minutes

When should I consider Contract-to-Hire and using a Contract Recruiting Service?

One Solution: Consider the Most Common Contract-to-hire Roles  When leading workforce capacity, there are so many factors to consider not only related to the skillsets and additional headcount needed but also in how to hire those roles once identified. One potential solution to the question posed here is to look at what other organizations and […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Dec 18, 20234 minutes

Differences in Contract-to-Hire, Temporary, Seasonal, and Fractional roles 

I was standing in line at a networking event last week and a friend of mine introduced herself as a Fractional Sales Leader to another attendee. He said, “Until a month ago, I had never heard the term ‘fractional’ used in that way and now I hear it almost every day”. That conversation is what […]

AvatarAmy Oviedo

Dec 11, 20235 minutes

Should I hire someone to write my resume?

Whether it’s the age-old LinkedIn debate about whether to put up your ‘Open to Work’ banner or deciding if my picture should be on my resume, everyone has an opinion (or five) about how to write a captivating resume. The reality is that most adults in the US have written a resume at some point […]

AvatarAmy Oviedo

Nov 13, 20234 minutes

2023 World Kindness Day – Monday, November 13

I had a different blog post planned for today but when I learned today is World Kindness Day, I had to adjust. I might be the Gen X-iest Gen X-er there ever was. My life motto comes from a business that peaked in the 90s and is now dead – Blockbuster. Be Kind. Rewind. If […]

The gig economy
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Nov 6, 20234 minutes

Millennials & the Gig Economy: Employment is Shifting to Contract-to-Hire Staffing  

AKA: #temptoperm #cthstaffing #temptohire #contractorstaffing  Let me be clear – I am not picking on Millennials. Millennials have brought many welcome changes to the employment landscape. I am the youngest sibling in my family and my sisters will tell you that I got all the perks of family life – my mom was too tired […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Oct 30, 20234 minutes

10 Scary Realities – Halloween Job Search Edition

Have you noticed the uptick in Halloween decorations this year? If you live in the suburbs of America, you certainly have. If you live on LinkedIn like I do, you’ve also noticed how many job seekers are pushing through the treacherous dangers and spooky nights of a full blown job search.  As a lifelong Recruiter, […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Oct 22, 20234 minutes

The One Generated by ChatGPT

Full transparency: Everything above and below these lines was 100% generated by ChatGPT. I often use to help get a blog started and in the end, only about 5% of the words are not mine. There’s something about the blank page that makes it hard to dive in. Today though, I decided to try […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Oct 15, 20234 minutes

Why are companies still checking professional references?  

So many Talent Acquisition and Human Resources teams still check professional references. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare that a reference check creates a knock-out situation for a candidate to not move forward. As with any step in the interview process, if it’s not being used to consistently and effectively weed out poor candidate fits, it […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Oct 8, 20234 minutes

What questions should I ask a Consultant before hiring them for Fractional HR work? 

Human Resources has become a strategic component of any business. As startup and scale-up organizations are expanding, it may be necessary to consider a fractional consultant in lieu of a full-time hire. Additionally, consultants can be a great addition to an existing team in order to temporarily increase capacity for a specific need or for […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Sep 25, 20234 minutes

What is Fractional Human Resources (HR) and why would I want it? 

You’ve heard of and maybe even hired Fractional CFOs. In today’s post-Covid economic climate, you can hire just about any position on your team fractionally rather than investing in a full-time hire. Start-up and scale-up organizations have often used fractional HR or a PEO model before reaching 100 employees to manage their needs on the […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Sep 18, 20234 minutes

RecFestUSA 2023 – Festival Experiences 

First things first. RecFest is NOT a conference… it’s a Festival. There were reminders all around us, yet I still found myself resetting from “I’m at a conference” mode. As a bona fide introvert, conferences… and festivals, for that matter, are not my favorite thing. After experiencing RecFestUSA though, I’m a convert. RecFest will be […]

AvatarAmy Oviedo

Sep 10, 20235 minutes

Are some jobs unfillable? Why would a Recruiter walk away from a client search request? 

Short answer? Yes. Some jobs are unfillable.    Read on for the longer version and some of the reasons that might make a job nearly unfillable. As a life-long Recruiter, I’ve been known to say, “I’ve never met a job I couldn’t fill”. The truth is that I’ve been in situations throughout my career to consult […]

AvatarAmy Oviedo

Aug 31, 20235 minutes

Why are more Recruiting Companies starting to ask for money up-front?

There will always be a place for contingency recruiting – the quick fix to your just-in-time staffing needs. A race to fill the job quickly pitting firms against one another and hoping to get the best talent fastest. The model has been around for ages, even before Corporate, in-house Recruiting was a career option. You […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Aug 24, 20235 minutes

🌟 Top 10 HR Outsourcing Ideas to Boost Q4 this year – Finish 2023 Strong! 💪 

As I’ve been speaking with HR professionals over the past few weeks, I can see the end-of-year eye haze beginning. There’s so much to do as we wind down the year and some of the must-dos and some of the want-to-dos may be at odds with one another. If that sounds like you, it may […]

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AvatarAmy Oviedo

Aug 17, 20235 minutes

HR Indiana 2023 Review

Another HR Indiana Conference is in the rearview mirror! August in Indiana brings HR professionals three days of value-packed content, networking opportunities, and a notebook full of ideas you’ll want to tackle. With about 1500 attendees, HR Indiana is one of the largest Regional SHRM conferences annually. It draws attendees from the Tri-State area as […]

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AvatarOlivia Thomas

Aug 10, 20237 minutes

5 Red Flags Recruiters want Interviewing Job Seekers to Avoid

We all know someone who is looking for a position right now. On social media, you may be seeing a ton of content from those outside of the recruiting space talking about what an ideal candidate interview should look like, what you MUST do in your first meeting with a recruiter, how to negotiate, how […]

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AvatarDom Vargas

Aug 6, 20235 minutes

How to Stand Out EVERY TIME in Interviews!

Say this, do that, jump here, run there. You’ve heard it all. You really have. But today I am going to help reshape the way you approach your job search. Guess what? Most of you already do this in the context of your day-to-day jobs. So, buckle up and get ready to take a MIND […]

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AvatarHaley Sharpley

Aug 2, 20233 minutes

Preparing to Attend a BIG Conference

Recruiting Experiences is gearing up for the Indy SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Annual Conference in 2023. Personally, this is my first large conference and I have been excited, nervous, and preparing like crazy. Here are my best tips and tricks to start preparing for a conference this size (around 1,000 – 2,000 people).  […]

AvatarDom Vargas

Jul 30, 202310 minutes

Ultimate Job Seeker Playbook

Alright team- it’s time to get this bread. I am certain that if you’re reading this you have tried everything you could to land that next interview and yet, nothing seems to work. Or maybe you got through to the final rounds and no offer has come through. It’s tough out there, and the thing […]

AvatarHaley Sharpley

Jul 26, 20233 minutes

Recruiting Kind is focused on Candidate Communication, here are some tips to get you started!

In this ever-changing job market, one thing remains true; we are all humans. As such, we should be treating each other with kindness. Something that Amy Oviedo told me in one of my first days working at Recruiting Experiences was that a job change is one of the top-rated most stressful things that people go […]

Sales Interviews
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Jun 28, 20235 minutes

Sales Interviews are just a little bit Different

Just a little bit though. Sales Interviews follow the same pattern as every other interview. The trick though is that Sales Professionals practice for interviews every day of their career. A Discovery Call in a traditional sales process is eerily similar to a traditional job interview. The fundamentals are the same, but the roles are […]

AvatarChristian Henderson

Jun 21, 20233 minutes

Kindness is a part of our DNA

At Recruiting Experiences (RecEx) we try to live each day with our core values at the forefront of everything we do. Our core values are Simplicity, Reliability, Excellence and Kindness.  Living our core values makes us a better recruiting and HR (Human Resources) partner for our clients and the candidates we interview. Surely you have […]

AvatarIsabel Ray

Jun 13, 20233 minutes

Reliability as a Core Value

Reliability is one of the most important traits that employers look for in their employees. At Recruiting Experiences, reliability means being trustworthy and consistent, and delivering high-quality work consistently. When employees are reliable, they build trust and credibility with their colleagues, supervisors, and clients. Our employees not only exemplify these traits of reliability, but they […]

AvatarOlivia Thomas

Jun 7, 20234 minutes

Excellence as a Core Value at Recruiting Experiences

Excellence at Recruiting Experiences  Excellence by definition means the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. For Recruiting Experiences, it is one of our core values that we strive every day to exemplify in the services we provide to our customers.  We define excellence as doing things the right way while also taking pride in […]

AvatarDom Vargas

May 31, 20233 minutes

Why Simplicity is one of our core values

When originally founded in 2021, our CEO Amy Oviedo defined 4 core values to drive the mission of our business. Recruiting Experiences values Simplicity in process, Excellence in delivery of project work and customer service, delivering Reliability with data, and communicating with Kindness through the recruiting process. For the Recruiting Experiences team, Simplicity can be […]

Talent Pool
AvatarRob Bryant

May 24, 20233 minutes

Navigating the Talent Pool After Technology Layoffs

As if the previous couple of years have not been challenging enough, 2023 has been a difficult year for many companies and their employees in riding the economic turbulence and the ongoing technology sector layoffs.  Many tech companies are trying to right size their organization to navigate the unknown market turbulence going on now and […]

Interview Questions
AvatarAmy Oviedo

May 16, 20233 minutes

25 Years of Interview Questions

I started Recruiting in 1998 so this year marks 25 years of matching people to roles. For my 25th anniversary, I’m sharing 25 of my favorite interview questions. An average interview will have 8-12 questions. Please don’t try to ask someone all of these. Pick and choose the applicable ones based on the needs for […]

Messaging Techniques
AvatarChristian Henderson

Apr 29, 20234 minutes

Messaging Techniques to Recruit Top Talent

I want to start this blog off with a disclaimer. Messaging can be tricky, what has worked in the past might not work now and what works now might not work in the future. Along with that, what works for one person might not work for the next. Just be yourself and don’t over think […]

Client Success
AvatarOlivia Thomas

Apr 21, 20234 minutes

What is the role of Client Success in a start up company?

Who is responsible for the success of clients?   The easiest answer is that the entire team is responsible for the success of our clients.    The harder question to ask is: who is building the processes of accountability and feedback for the organization to prepare for scaling?    These past six months, I have been heading the […]

AvatarDom Vargas

Apr 14, 20234 minutes

What is the Recruiter’s Influence on the Hiring Process?

Are you on the job search and looking to gain more job search knowledge to better prepare for your journey? Let’s walk through three key areas where recruiters can best influence the hiring process!    Interview Timeline and Quantity    Recruiters are strategizing with the hiring team to determine what the ideal number of interviews will be. […]

Intern's Photo
AvatarShalaya Bolden

Apr 6, 20234 minutes

What’s it like to be an intern at Recruiting Experiences?

At Recruiting Experiences, we want to train the next generation of recruiters and prepare them for the future. We want to leave a legacy of kinder and more efficient recruiting. This is why we offer internships. Our internship program gives people the knowledge they need to thrive in this industry and to ultimately leave their […]

Common Skills
AvatarChristian Henderson

Mar 27, 20233 minutes

What Common Skills Do Recruiters Look For?

Searching for a new job can be stressful. It can be daunting trying to balance multiple companies and keeping track of all of the skills each one is looking for. Each position has its own variation of skill sets that recruiters are looking for. If you feel like you don’t meet those requirements, it may […]

Leveraging Mentoring to Grow Your ERG
AvatarYalonda Brown

Mar 24, 20232 minutes

Leveraging Mentoring to Grow Your ERG

We are so excited to have a guest blog appearance on our page from Yalonda Brown. “Yalonda Brown is a seasoned professional whose expertise spans over 20 years in both the private and public sectors. Her drive and self-determination has resulted in a myriad of demonstrable accomplishments as an intuitive leader, thought partner, and high […]

AvatarDom Vargas

Mar 12, 20233 minutes

What is the STAR INTERVIEW MODEL and how to use it?

Are you a candidate or job-seeker who is preparing for the next big interview? Today we are going to discuss a simple model to help candidates craft and articulate their skills and experiences. This model will help you to showcase the value that you can bring to your next employer. At Recruiting Experiences we interview […]

AvatarCasey Horn

Feb 27, 20233 minutes

5 Reasons Your Company Should Give Back

Volunteering is very important to us at Recruiting Experiences. We love making a positive impact on our community. There can be hesitation with volunteering due to time commitment or not volunteering for the “right” organization. However, we truly believe there are great benefits gained from giving back to your community. Here are 5 key reasons […]

Strategic Business Unit
AvatarAnthony Varner

Feb 17, 20234 minutes

How does HR fit within your business?

There’s sometimes confusion about HR and its role in the business. I’ve heard it framed as an executive function, an administrative department, a necessary evil, and the event planning team. None of these are very flattering or really depict the role of HR as a strategic part of the business. HR should be seen as […]

My Story
AvatarHope Denny

Feb 6, 20234 minutes

How I Got into Recruitment & How You Can Too!  

Working in the recruiting industry isn’t a typical career path that most professionals initially decide to take. Many recruiters, like myself, fall into recruiting after starting their career in a much different field all together. In a LinkedIn study conducted it showed that out of 100,000 recruiters, the most common degrees were Psychology, Business, Marketing, […]

HR Profession
AvatarAnnelise Leffler

Feb 2, 20233 minutes

HR Profession without HR Degree

As I progressed through my academic career, I felt a bit lost. I didn’t really have a solid understanding of what I wanted to do or achieve. Let’s face it, it’s not easy deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life in the span of 4 years. I changed my major […]

Leadership route marker
AvatarHaley Sharpley

Jan 17, 20233 minutes

What does it really mean to be in Leadership?

This is a question I ask myself almost daily at Recruiting Experiences. For those who don’t know, we are a small, startup recruiting firm. I started as a Recruiting Coordinator on May 16th, 2022. I quickly realized that everyone wears a leader hat depending on the topic. Every one of us can teach another person […]

AvatarShalaya Bolden

Dec 6, 20224 minutes

My Journey as a Marketing Intern

Getting to be a marketing intern at a start-up company is like no other experience. Every day is a new journey and I never really know what to expect in the best way possible. I get the opportunity to not only grow my marketing skills but to also learn about the recruiting industry as well. […]

Avoid Burnout
AvatarHope Denny

Dec 2, 20223 minutes

How You Can Avoid the Recruiter BurnOut

A major hot topic in today’s job market is burnout. Many talent teams across the country have been working around the clock to find top talent to fill their high number of open job requisitions. The level of stress for recruiting, sourcing, and hiring top talent amidst a global pandemic is high. You can only […]

Talent Sourcer
AvatarChristian Henderson

Nov 29, 20224 minutes

Talent Sourcer or Junior Recruiter?

A healthy Talent Acquisition or Recruiting organization has various roles contributing to the team and their mission of filling job requisitions with quality talent. We usually first think of the role of Recruiter, but there are other professionals involved in the process of filling roles. Positions such as Recruiting Coordinator, Lead Recruiter, Recruiting Manager and […]

AvatarHope Denny

Nov 4, 20223 minutes

What is your mental health hygiene?

Every day we brush our teeth to keep from seeing a dentist regularly for extra maintenance, and that is often looked at as good hygiene. But what is mental hygiene, and how does one practice having good mental hygiene? Your work can play a major role in your overall mental hygiene and overall health. It […]

Equity and Inclusion
AvatarPatrick Armstrong

Oct 30, 20224 minutes

Diversity Last? Why Equity and Inclusion Matter

In my last entry, I talked about diversity, equity, and inclusion in recruiting. I went about defining what those things meant to me and how I believed they should be practiced throughout the recruiting process. As with everything in life, there is always much to learn; a recent article by Richard Leong, a DEI consultant […]

AvatarJordan Fischer

Sep 30, 20224 minutes

Taking a Chance on the Scrapper

Working in the recruiting field as a talent sourcer, I scroll through hundreds of profiles each day searching for all manner of candidates for varying positions for our clients. One repeating theme is hiring managers focusing on an ideal candidate and overlooking candidates with transferrable skills. For instance, when searching for a salesperson, sometimes hiring […]

Jar factory
AvatarCasey Horn

Sep 22, 20224 minutes

No Time Wasted: Make the Most of Every Role

Part 1 – Do The Hard Work My professional journey has not been a straight path. Whether I loved a job or not, each role helped mold me into who I am today. One of those jobs was really valuable to me: the old jar factory. As a junior in high school, I was looking […]

AvatarPatrick Armstrong

Aug 11, 20225 minutes

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Recruiting; An Introduction 

You see it everywhere these days: DEI (or one of its numerous cousin acronyms): Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.   What even is that? And what does it have to do with recruiting?   If you have found yourselves asking those questions, I am hoping I can help.   While I am not an expert, I am trying to […]

Building A Kinder Future
AvatarMorgan Riley

Jul 27, 20225 minutes

Building A Kinder Future; A Day In The Life of An Intern at Recruiting Experiences

If you want to make a difference in your profession, training the next generation who will do it is paramount. We believe that kinder recruiting practices can (and should) be our legacy. So, we started a search for the right interns for the job. After all, interns are literally the future of talent acquisition and […]

Man Raising Arm In Front of Sunset
AvatarChristian Henderson

Jun 13, 20223 minutes

My Successful Career Shift from Server to Professional Recruiter

When I graduated school, I had no plans to become a recruiter. I’ve learned since, that this is a common occurrence. In fact, despite my network of recruiting professionals, I do not know anyone whose career goal was to become a recruiter. The field is in demand and has significant earning potential, but few are […]

Man Relaxing at Computer
AvatarDom Vargas

May 13, 20223 minutes

How To Find A Job Without Actively Searching 

Do you ever wonder how to encourage recruiters to come to you with a new role? Are you in college looking for an internship: an entry level employee looking for their next step: or a seasoned veteran of the workforce who wants to share their wisdom with a new company & team? Keep reading to […]

AvatarCaly Grogan

Apr 27, 20223 minutes

Ace The Interview With This Prep Technique

On their journey to find their next opportunity, a jobseeker will answer a multitude of interview questions from a variety of interviewers. These are important conversations that make or break the chance of moving forward for a job opportunity. Read on for tips to ensure success. Often, Recruiters and interviewers ask specific questions with ideal […]

AvatarJada Cross

Apr 20, 20224 minutes

How I Used Networking to Find A Rewarding Career: And How I Pay It Forward, As a Recruiter

Networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. We’ve all heard that networking is necessary to a variety of careers, but this is especially true in recruiting. I want to share my personal story of how networking got me to where I am today […]

AvatarHope Denny

Apr 15, 20223 minutes

The Importance of Recruiter-Specific Training: And the Program I Used to Accelerate My Career

Today, recruiters are not just recruiters. On a day-to day basis we change our title from recruiter to human resource coordinator, career coach, scheduler, account manager, and our client’s brand cheerleader. Many of us wear all of these hats with no formal training. Recruiter effectiveness is dependent on a comprehensive skillset. Lack of effective recruiter […]

Virtual Interviews
AvatarChristian Henderson

Apr 6, 20223 minutes

5 Tips for Successful Virtual Interviews

I started my recruiting journey during the pandemic, so I never got the pleasure of conducting in-person interviews. In a remote heavy, virtual job market successfully navigating virtual interviews can help set you apart from other job seekers. Here are 5 tips to stand out! 1. Whenever possible, enter the meeting room early and familiarize […]

AvatarDom Vargas

Mar 16, 20225 minutes

How Leaning into Ambiguity Sped My Career Development

I recently took the time to ask myself, “What has helped me to thrive in my role as Tech Recruiter at Recruiting Experiences?”. One word…

Building the Brands
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Mar 2, 20224 minutes

How I Built My Brand by Building the Brands of Others

A large part of my business at Recruiting Experiences is contract recruiting. We partner with our clients to act as an extension of their…

Tips to Maximize Your Resume's Impact
AvatarCaly Grogan

Feb 16, 20223 minutes

7 Simple Tips to Maximize Your Resume’s Impact

In my days spent as a recruiter, I’ve witnessed a number of simple oversights on resumes that have come between a job seeker and a…

Recruiting Pivot
AvatarHope Denny

Feb 10, 20222 minutes

Mastering the Recruiting Pivot: Staying Fluid in the Ever-Changing Recruitment Market

With the pandemic now in its 22nd month and unemployment rates topping in at 4.2{7acffa870a784795fb6dd45f0c2475f0571579ede772592b3f24c5c88be6950a}, many companies and organizations are continuing with…

Recruiting Experiences
AvatarMorgan Riley

Feb 4, 20224 minutes

How Recruiting Experiences Won Me Over & The Universal Message I Want to Share

I have been doing regular contract work, alongside full-time gigs off and on for the better part of my career. I am an introvert, a bit…

Drive Retention
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Jan 20, 20224 minutes

4 Tips to Drive Retention Through Increased Employee Freedom

Take a hard look at what actually matters to you when it comes to environment and flexibility in your workplace.

Outbound Sourcing Strategy
AvatarDom Vargas

Jan 13, 20224 minutes

The Evolution of my Outbound Sourcing Strategy

Recruiting sourcing strategies are one of the most important pieces to the entire recruiting process. Without a well-built and…

AvatarChristian Henderson

Dec 6, 20214 minutes

Communication – The Secret to a Positive Experience

Effective communication has been an extremely popular topic on LinkedIn, recently. Whether it is between a recruiter and candidate, or a…

HRIS Systems
AvatarCaly Grogan

Nov 14, 20215 minutes

HRIS Systems – Why Do Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Need Them?

Hi, everyone! My name is Caly Grogan, and I am a Talent Generalist over at Recruiting Experiences. I am so excited to engage with the…

Thoughtful Communication
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Oct 31, 20215 minutes

Thoughtful Communication Throughout the Recruiting Funnel

Set The Stage for Success with a Well Thought-Out Communication Strategy If the eyes are the window to the soul, then talent acquisition…

Resume Writing
AvatarDom Vargas

Oct 6, 20213 minutes

Resume Writing – It’s All About Experience

When you engage with a professional resume writer you are investing in a future playbook

AvatarAmy Oviedo

Oct 1, 20216 minutes

Why Hire a Contract Recruiter?

Choosing the Right Type of Recruiter: Including my universal recommendation & a list of questions to find the best TA partner for you. I…

Job Fair Advice
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Sep 15, 20213 minutes

Job Fair Advice

There are a multitude of methods within our profession and, if something is working for you, and can be done with kindness and candidate focus -by all means- keep doing it.

Recruitment Structure
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Aug 15, 20213 minutes

The Blueprint to Building Stunning Recruitment Structure

Having a solid recruiting processes leads to a better work-life balance

AvatarAmy Oviedo

Aug 8, 20215 minutes

We Need To Talk About Our Relationship(s)…

Building relationships and creating positive candidate experiences are the foundation of your employer brand. They are the reason people…

Successful Recruiter
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Aug 1, 20214 minutes

Mr. Rogers Can Help Train You To Be A Successful Recruiter

There are 3 ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind. -Fred…

Imposter Syndrome
AvatarAmy Oviedo

May 11, 20213 minutes

Running through Imposter Syndrome

I’m a runner. I’ve been running since 2010 after a lifetime of saying things like, “I’m not an athlete” or “Running is too hard”. Still,…

Candidate Feedback
AvatarAmy Oviedo

May 10, 20214 minutes

Pay it Forward: Candidate Feedback is a Gift

As a recruiting professional, the opportunity to provide feedback will present itself multiple times a day. And, as you grow in your…

Candidate Goldmine
AvatarAmy Oviedo

May 10, 20214 minutes

Candidate Goldmine

Imagine there’s a secret goldmine of resumes of qualified candidates who know your brand and want to work for your organization. Can you…

Employment Application
AvatarAmy Oviedo

Apr 30, 20214 minutes

Why Your Best Candidates Abandon Your Employment Application

Bottom line up front – your application is too long and you probably don’t need it. Ok – I’ll provide a little more information so you…