Why Simplicity is one of our core values

When originally founded in 2021, our CEO Amy Oviedo defined 4 core values to drive the mission of our business. Recruiting Experiences values Simplicity in process, Excellence in delivery of project work and customer service, delivering Reliability with data, and communicating with Kindness through the recruiting process. For the Recruiting Experiences team, Simplicity can be defined as the ability to create more efficiency through process or finding an easier route to a solution that moves a project forward.  

Read below for examples of how we live out the value of SIMPLICITY daily. 

When we first started creating data-tracking tools, we designed a master requisition excel spreadsheet to keep track of all our current open jobs. Over time, we realized that with our applicant tracking system in use, this was often creating double the work for our recruiters. We got rid of the master requisition list and this allows our team to move faster with a more centralized and sophisticated applicant tracking system.  

Originally, scheduling interviews with our recruiters involved the time and attention of our Recruiting Coordinator. Our Coordinator discovered a more efficient scheduling method by implementing Microsoft Bookings. This tool automates the interview scheduling process and frees up time for our team to do higher value work by eliminating the need to manually coordinate interviews. 

One of our veteran technical recruiters was working with a new software engineering team. They were implementing their first defined interview process. The Recruiter used recruiting expertise to recommend a three-step interview process which delivered more efficiency and improved the candidate experience. This project resulted in their team selecting three software engineering new hires!  

As part of supporting many of our clients’ growing Human Resources needs, we support various ad-hoc onboarding and offboarding HR (Human Resources) projects. We have implemented having a single point of contact with detailed process documentation.  Hiring teams can then use the documentation for each candidate to ensure each step of the onboarding and offboarding process is completed resulting in positive employee experiences.  

We often work with first-time hiring managers who do not know the best interview questions to ask to gauge candidate skillsets while remaining compliant and unbiased. We created an interview question creation model that hiring managers can use to easily produce questions to identify skills and behaviors ideal for the position. The simplicity of equipping a manager for their interviews is another way we bring value to our clients.  

During initial intake calls for new projects, we come prepared with real-time salary insights which help our hiring teams to make faster decisions in identifying the talent clients can bring to their company. Instead of delaying the process while waiting for approval on salary, the client can make an informed budget decision and we can immediately begin the recruiting project.  

Simplicity is one of the pillars of success when involved in a partnership with Recruiting Experiences. This core value allows us to drive more positive candidate experiences while delivering top talent efficiently to our hiring teams.  

If you want to hire and retain top talent in a more efficient way, we’d love to engage with you on a Recruiting assessment.  

If you are interested in our simplified recruiting processes, read this blog to learn more about our purposeful communication with candidates: https://www.recruitingexperiences.com/thoughtful-communication-throughout-the-recruiting-funnel/

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