What’s it like to be an intern at Recruiting Experiences?

At Recruiting Experiences, we want to train the next generation of recruiters and prepare them for the future. We want to leave a legacy of kinder and more efficient recruiting. This is why we offer internships. Our internship program gives people the knowledge they need to thrive in this industry and to ultimately leave their mark.

Here is our approach:

We Choose the Future with Care

When going through the selection process, we search for different things than a typical company might. We don’t look for the “perfect student”, but people who have passion and grit. We look for transferable skills, empathy, along with a desire to learn.

Our interns contribute immediately and are viewed as members of our team. 

Our goal is to take what people have learned in school and apply it in the real world.

Interns complete our Talent Acquisition Professionals Certification Program, which is designed to prepare new recruiters/job changers to recruit successfully. After completing this certificate, interns work as a cohesive recruiting team member.

The rest of this blog was prepared by the interns:

Madyson Faigh Madyson Faigh- Recruiting Intern

I am currently a recruiting intern at Recruiting Experiences this Spring Semester. My internship experience with Recruiting Experiences has been such a fantastic opportunity. I have been very hands-on with everything this company has to offer to help me grow and understand the ropes of being a recruiter. From sourcing through LinkedIn, reaching out to candidates on my own, shadowing interviews/screens, and gaining tips from my peers on the recruiting team. This has been nothing less than an amazing experience.

Even though it has only been a month since I joined this team, I feel that I have learned so much and grown through Recruiting Experiences. My favorite part of this journey so far has been the RecEx team. I have never been apart of a team/company that has been so organized, structured, welcoming, and overall supportive. Grateful in an understatement. I am pushed every day to be better, and without the help of this team I wouldn’t be learning as much as I have been the past month. I have not only gained knowledgeable experience, but great people that help me strive to be a greater recruiter.


Isabel Ray Isabel Ray- Sales Intern

My name is Isabel Ray and I am a current senior at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. I am studying Health Sciences with a minor in Health Administration, and I graduate in May 2023. I chose to pursue Recruiting Experiences’ internship program not only because of my interest in sales, but because they are extremely personable and communicative. They have a clear focus on upward mobility. The environment of the company is innovative and organized, as well as their employees. I was extremely impressed with their core values and transparent culture as well! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working and learning at this welcoming company. The enthusiasm each person at Recruiting Experiences has for their work and for the success of their clients is invaluable in creating a positive work environment. This allows me to focus on personal growth and understanding my experiences. I have been able to support Amy, our CEO, in outreach and business development leads. I have gained experience in prospecting clients and gaining persistence while doing so. Fulfilling tasks created by our CEO is one of the best aspects I have been able to do in order to learn technical skills related to the industry of recruiting and sales as well. The most important soft skill I have learned to develop throughout this role is confidence. I am willing to talk to people with my expanded understanding and knowledge in the field of sales. This has enabled me to make professional connections and to foster a communicative leadership style that allows me and the company to thrive!

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