What training is available for Recruiters?

Ask any Recruiter how they got started in the field and you’ll most often hear the refrain, “I just fell into it.”. There isn’t a lot of formal training on the market for Recruiters; it’s mostly on-the-job training. While more and more colleges and universities have a specific Human Resources degree program, generally only 1-2 courses will be focused within Talent Acquisition or Recruiting. Over the years, there have been two primary providers of training for corporate Recruiters: SourceCon led by Shally Steckerl and AIRS, an ADP company. SHRM joined the certification game by adding a Recruiting focused curriculum. In my experience, it has not been well regarded beyond the compliance and legal side of Recruiting. If you’re looking to learn the art of recruiting and how to manage the full life cycle of search process, I will selfishly recommend the Recruiting Experiences’ curriculum. More on that in a moment. 

First things first. I also recommend both SourceCon & AIRS programs depending on your goals and current experience level. 

SourceCon – Great for Sourcing & Recruiting professionals and those who work in very niche recruiting roles requiring deep sourcing for unique skillsets. They offer several free webinars, group meetups, conference opportunities, and certification programs. The SourceCon curriculum is designed to expand your search capabilities and teach you to think differently about where and how to find talent online beyond the job boards and LinkedIn. Average price is about $1500. 

AIRS, an ADP company – aka The Right Thing, AIRS are the OGs of Recruitment Training for Corporate Recruiters. Initially, they were a company built solely for this purpose and were considered world-class providers. ADP purchased the company in 2011 and have not done much to advertise the availability or change the course options over time. They offer several certification options including their most popular and widely-recognized program: Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR). This 2-day course can be completed virtually and is designed to teach the fundamentals of online sourcing and understanding job requirements. As with SourceCon curriculum, the course features Boolean search heavily. Average price is about $1500 a la carte. You can often find 2 for 1 opportunities or BOGO 50% for more than one of the programs. 

In full disclosure, I was previously certified by AIRS in five of their programs resulting in their Elite Recruiter Certification (fancy!). I recommend either of the above programs for Recruiters or Sourcers who have been in the industry for at least a year working in full life cycle recruitment ideally in a corporate recruiting team or direct hire placement firm as the curriculum is better suited for full-time hiring rather than temporary staffing. 

One of the reasons I started Recruiting Experiences was to fill a gap for Recruiters who never received formal training and want to provide exceptional candidate experiences while best representing the employer brands they serve. To that end, I built curriculum covering 8 key areas of the Recruiting life cycle with an emphasis on Corporate Recruiting. Even from an agency perspective, Talent Acquisition Professionals must fulfill their responsibility to the profession, to their client or employer’s brand(s), and to the candidates we represent. You only need to spend about 3 minutes on LinkedIn to see, as a profession, Recruiters are failing to best represent employer brands and provide an adequate candidate experience consistently. Topics within the TAP program include: Navigating Hiring Teams, Job Requirements, Sourcing (light Boolean) & Search Strategy, Resume Review & Overcoming Bias, Candidate Communication, Screening, Interviewing for Impact, and Negotiating. 

Built from years of experience leading proactive Talent Acquistion teams, our curriculum is designed for Recruiters with 0-5 years experience who want to learn the profession and master the skills needed to deliver meaningful outcomes and experiences to both employers and candidates. I loved Recruiting from the first day I realized it was a career option. I genuinely welcome every opportunity to share my passion for the profession with others.  

Our Talent Acquisition Professional Certification program is a 20-hour commitment over 4 weeks with a cost of $1,000. It is held classroom style, via Zoom, on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours from 11am – 1pm EST beginning June 4th 2024.  Students can make-up coursework when unable to attend live. The program is accredited by the Department of Workforce Development through the State of Indiana and is recognized nationwide. The program requires a final project to be successfully completed and independently evaluated to qualify for the certification. 

Discounts are available for unemployed professionals, veterans, and students – email training@recruitingex.com to sign up. For more information, visit our training page here: https://www.recruitingexperiences.com/talent-acquisition-professional-certification-course/  

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