What Common Skills Do Recruiters Look For?

Searching for a new job can be stressful. It can be daunting trying to balance multiple companies and keeping track of all of the skills each one is looking for. Each position has its own variation of skill sets that recruiters are looking for. If you feel like you don’t meet those requirements, it may seem like you don’t have a chance of being considered. There are multiple skill sets a candidate brings which may make them more marketable in several industries. These aren’t just job-specific or technical skills either. I will outline some common skills candidates can discuss and grow to stand out among other job seekers for multiple positions.


Organization: Organization is a huge aspect of pretty much every role! Being able to organize your tasks and time successfully will help you expand your career. It is also important to be organized when working in groups. I have found that my organization style does not work well for other people all the time and being able to adjust your organization style in groups can be extremely helpful.


Work Ethic: Everyone likes a hard worker! Work ethic is more than just working hard, it is being able to push through obstacles and solve problems when they are difficult. Work ethic isn’t necessarily something that can be taught either, it is the willingness to do what you can to help your team succeed.


Learning Aptitude: Natural curiosity and learning go hand and hand. Whether it is learning new skills, a new company’s product, or a new way to solve a problem; learning can take you a long way. Also, fail fast. You will not be able to know everything and you will make mistakes, but it’s extremely beneficial to get back up quick, learn from them, and keep moving forward!


Leadership: This can look like leading people, projects, or even assignments during your schooling. Bringing multiple people together to complete a common goal is a great skill to have and should be practiced whenever possible!


Written Communication: I didn’t think I’d be writing blog posts as part of my role in a Recruiting organization yet here we are! In every role, in every industry, team members need to be able to communicate effectively in emails, chat messages, and other forms of communication such as presentations or written correspondence. The art of writing shouldn’t be left solely to ChatGPT – today’s workers need to be able to communicate clearly to all stakeholders for their assignments and workplaces.


While these skills alone won’t fulfill a recipe for finding a job, this list can provide a starting point to highlight some of the soft skills needed in many roles. The key is to never stop practicing them and learning new methods. Always have an open ear and be willing try new things that may seem uncomfortable. Growth comes from uncomfortable situations. Also, be able to speak to examples of these skills in your interviews. Being able to articulate yourself is a skill set in itself!


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