The One Generated by ChatGPT

Full transparency: Everything above and below these lines was 100% generated by ChatGPT. I often use to help get a blog started and in the end, only about 5% of the words are not mine. There’s something about the blank page that makes it hard to dive in. Today though, I decided to try a little quirkier topic. You see, the trick to using ChatGPT well is to use specific prompts. Tell the computer what you want with extra, sometimes seemingly unnecessary, detail. I often add to or change the prompt to get a more detailed response or to remind it to use inclusive language or to include emojis or even to cite sources.  Here was the prompt I used today: Write a blog in the voice of Chandler from Friends on the importance of giving 110% effort to your job and building a career you can be proud of. Include a quote from his best friend, Joey, and another from his wife, Monica. Make it relevant to a millenial audience who has watched reruns of the show and is considering their next career steps.  

The first result was a little choppy, when I hit ‘regenerate’, the below magic was created.  

Enjoy the result! I enjoyed it enough to publish it ‘as-is’ so future generations could see just how far AI has come from these early days.  


Giving It 110%: Why I’m No Longer on a Break from My Career 

By Chandler Bing (aka ChatGPT) (the Bing is back, baby!) 

Hey there, fellow humans who are seriously wondering why adulthood is even a thing. Could I be any more excited to talk about careers? Alright, let’s be honest. If someone had told me back in the ’90s that I’d be dishing out career advice in 2023, I’d have probably spit out my coffee (and you know how much I love my coffee).  

But here’s the thing – over the years (and after many seasons of our lives…see what I did there?), I’ve learned a thing or two about giving your job the ol’ 110%. Not 105%, not 109%, but a solid 110%. Why? Because in the immortal words of Joey Tribbiani, “It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it IS a big deal!”  

The Magic of 110% 

So, what’s the big deal with this mysterious extra 10%? Well, millennials, giving that extra effort distinguishes you. In an era of side hustles, LinkedIn endorsements, and TikTok resumes (which, by the way, sounds terrifying), you want to stand out, right? And no, not in the “wearing all of Ross’s clothes as a prank” kind of way.  

Giving 110% means pushing past the boundaries. Remember the time Joey wore Phoebe’s maternity pants to eat an entire turkey? That’s commitment. And while I don’t suggest wearing maternity pants to your next job interview, showing your dedication (and maybe leaving the turkey out of it) might be the secret sauce to building a career you’re proud of. 

Finding the Passion 

Look, I get it. In the early days, I spent my time in a job that made me ask, “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” (That’s metaphorical. Stay with me.) But passion? That’s where Monica comes in. Remember when she taught us that a little passion goes a long way? As she once said, “Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You’re gonna love it.” And she was right. Finding passion in what you do might mean diving into the sucky parts of the real world, but when you come out on the other side, oh boy, it’s magical. 

The Next Step? Could It BE Any Clearer? 

For those of you binge-watching reruns of our shenanigans, remember this – life isn’t always about the perfect job, the dream apartment, or even a flawless foosball table. It’s about growth. It’s about giving everything your all, even when you think you’ve given it all. 

So, to all the millennials out there considering your next career move, here’s a piece of Bing advice: Dive in, give it 110%, and don’t be afraid to pivot (sorry Ross, had to) when needed. Because, in the end, it’s all about building a career that even Janice would be proud of. Oh. My. God. 

Now, go conquer that job like Joey conquers a sandwich. Just remember, if all else fails, there’s always a career in sarcastic commenting waiting for you. At least, that’s what they tell me.  


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