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This is your friendly neighborhood recruiter, Dom Vargas, and this will be my debut blog post for Recruiting Experiences. Buckle up and enjoy the journey!


Did that word spark your creativity? Make you cower in the corner? Resumes can certainly be polarizing, and they are one of the most difficult job search strategies to master. Trying to put years of experience and knowledge into a 1-2 page summary of ‘what do you do?’ is a daunting task. While research is leaning toward removing resumes from recruiting processes long term, not much has changed in the traditional job search process and resumes are still a key resource for getting in front of hiring teams.

Isn’t it funny that you could have an extremely engaging conversation with your prospective manager in which they boast that you are a great fit for the team, yet still end the conversation with a request to, “Send me your resume!”?

I’m going to share with you one of the best ways to invest in your professional image: hiring a resume writer!

In this fast-paced society, TIME is MONEY.

Now, would you rather:

  1. Spend 10 hours trying to master the art of building your resume because you are not landing interviews? nOR
  2. Leave it to a professional resume writer with decades of experience reviewing, writing, and crafting the perfect resumes that help people land interviews?

The Right Resume = Foot in the Door

Hiring teams review large quantities of resumes. There is no way for the hiring team to speak with every applicant. The right resume format is crucial to getting a ticket to the interview stage. The hiring team will spend only a few minutes looking at resumes to determine who should be called for an initial screening or conversation. With the right resume you will have the opportunity to showcase what really matters: YOU. Remember that networking IS important, but you will ultimately still need a polished, compelling resume.

Resume Writers are Experts

Think of a professional resume writer as the Lebron James of the resume writing world. They know exactly what a company wants to see on your resume: the format, font, data, and verbiage that best showcases your skills. Their expertise is a result of direct involvement with the hiring processes. Professional resume writers truly know the ins and outs for getting your resume to the people that make the decisions because, many times, they have been that person.

Invest in Your Resume AND Skillset

When you engage with a professional resume writer to produce your flawless new resume, you are investing in a new resume and in a future playbook. You won’t have to go back to your old process or spend hours looking up YouTube videos for “How to Write a Resume”. You now have the BLUEPRINT right in front of you to highlight your assets specifically for a hiring team! You can use the same lingo and writing-style, and adjust accordingly for future opportunities or role changes.

If you are not getting the interviews you’d like or are interested in learning more about how resumes impact your career search contact me at! or explore Recruiting Experiences’ resume writing services.

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