My Journey as a Marketing Intern

Getting to be a marketing intern at a start-up company is like no other experience. Every day is a new journey and I never really know what to expect in the best way possible. I get the opportunity to not only grow my marketing skills but to also learn about the recruiting industry as well. This is my first internship and I honestly don’t think another internship will top this one, and I’ll explain why.

What I do

Recently I start my work day by creating content for the company’s socials, which is my favorite part of the job! I noticed that I make the best content towards the beginning of the day, so I love doing that first thing in the morning. Then, I move on to planning. I analyze the best time of the day to post content. Then use the results of my study to schedule posts through Hootsuite. Recently, I designed two different types of flyers for the company and I’m working on creating a New Years’ card to celebrate our partners and clients.

I am also basically the designated editor here at Recruiting Experiences for blogs. I love writing and editing, so I was more than happy to fill this role! I get the perks of being the first person to read everyone’s blog and give advice. I thoroughly enjoy being the “owner of the blogs”.

Another task I get to do in this role is observing. I get the chance to shadow recruiters and sourcers and study them in their natural habitat. I have learned about the process everyone goes through to ensure everything goes smoothly. It is fascinating to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

The environment

Every day since I have been here, I can truly say everyone has been so kind and welcoming. The company culture is a really big friend group, some might call it a family. It is rare in the workplace. I am able to grow in an environment that I am comfortable in and know that I am not being judged. We also have fun in the office every day. Whether it is listening to music as we work, or going out bowling and laser tag after work, we find a way to make work enjoyable. I am also the only marketing person here, but I don’t feel alone. I have coworkers asking if there is anything they can do to help me with content, which makes me feel like I have a support system behind me.

What I learned

I have learned that you really only grow if you are willing to get uncomfortable or try something new. I have had to speak up in meetings, which makes me nervous. I do it anyway and have grown because of it. I also learned to create and schedule content, edit blogs, write my own blog, and much more.

Why I love working here

In this role, I get to be hands-on with tasks and make a real impact on the company. Growing up I didn’t always know that I wanted to go into marketing, but I did know that I wanted to do something meaningful and impactful. That is how I feel as a Marketing Intern at Recruiting Experiences. I truly believe I am doing meaningful work by helping the business to grow overall and informing people about this wonderful company. Overall, this internship has helped to reassure me that I have picked the correct career field. I love what I do here and I know that marketing is definitely for me.

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