Mastering the Recruiting Pivot: Staying Fluid in the Ever-Changing Recruitment Market

With the pandemic now in its 22nd month and unemployment rates topping in at 4.2%, many companies and organizations are continuing with their recruitment efforts (Impactnews, 2020). For recruiters, the word PIVOT (cue Friends scene visual) has been added to our daily vocabulary, as we try to ride the ever-changing wave of the recruitment market. So, you may ask, how can you pivot strategically to attract your ideal candidate?

Here are some tips that I have learned from my fellow recruiters and added to my daily life in order to pivot with grace…

1. Remember to make relationships with every outreach and applicant you encounter. Every individual you talk to is a potential employee or a referral source. Building genuine connections with your network is important for any talent search. Check out this great message example that can be used when requesting a referral source:

“I’m really glad that we were able to make this networking connection! I’m always looking to help others in seeking their next professional opportunity, would you happen to have anyone in your professional network who might be interested in this role?”

2. Always be creative in your recruitment efforts, and never stay bogged down with one strategy. Every role will require different outreach and sourcing. Utilizing LinkedIn groups and hashtags is a great way to get the word out and to cast a wider net for individuals who have interests matching the role you’re sourcing for.

Great LinkedIn Groups for IT fields: Indy IT Talent Community and Tech Savvy Women (TSW)

Look into these LinkedIn hashtags: #techrecruitment, #techevents, #techcareers, #techhiring

3. You’re not in the ride alone – Always ask your fellow recruiters for feedback on recruitment strategies. Getting a different outlook and approach can allow you to see things through a different lens. You’ll likely end up with a stronger result for your efforts.

Set up a coffee break or brainstorming session with your co-workers to see what their strategies are and why it works for them! I also take full advantage of shadowing my co-workers to see their strategies in action.

In this crazy, ever changing job market, small, creative changes to your recruitment strategy can have a huge impact on your result!

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