Kindness is a part of our DNA

At Recruiting Experiences (RecEx) we try to live each day with our core values at the forefront of everything we do. Our core values are Simplicity, Reliability, Excellence and Kindness.  Living our core values makes us a better recruiting and HR (Human Resources) partner for our clients and the candidates we interview. Surely you have seen our signature #recruitkind hashtag attached to our social media posts, but what does that mean to the RecEx team? 

#recruitkind means that we keep our promises. If we tell a hiring manager that they will have some excellent candidate submittals by Friday, that is exactly what we do-submit qualified candidates who meet their criteria on Friday.  If we tell a candidate that we will let them know where they are in the interview process by the end of the week then we will reach out and provide an update.  Sometimes the update is that there is nothing new to report, but we still reach out to let them know. We all know what it feels like to be ghosted and never hear from a recruiter again. That is simply not how we roll at Recruiting Experiences. 

#recruitkind means we put ourselves in the candidates’ shoes. We know how stressful the job search can be and we want to eliminate stress for our candidates. When we are reviewing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, we work hard to be objective and not jump to conclusions based on what we see (or do not see) in a candidate’s history. Sometimes the best thing to do is reach out and allow a candidate to explain a gap in employment or a short stint at their last role. Kindness should mean not allowing your own judgements to cloud your perception of a candidate’s experience. We are continuously evaluating our own unintentional biases and helping to coach our clients to do the same.  

#recruitkind means we assist our clients with HR projects to improve their organizational health and make them a stronger company. We help our partners build strong onboarding programs that quickly establish connections and ramp up new employees leading to contented employees who understand their value-add at the company. We can help our clients establish a constructive employee evaluation program that reduces turnover and helps employees improve their job skills and performance. All of these fractional human resources (hr) tasks lead to more satisfied and engaged teammates. 

#recruitkind means we are champions for diversity in hiring. The team at Recruiting Experiences has been known to push back on a hiring team that believes the only qualified candidates are those with a college degree. Especially in the tech world, we see many roles that can be successfully filled by someone with experience but not a degree. We also push back on the notion that great candidates only come from certain schools or certain companies. Consciously seeking out qualified women and people of color is something else we feel strongly about. Kindness in hiring means smashing the “good ol boy” network that has led to the exclusion of many in the past.  

Finally, #recruitkind means we feel strongly about giving back. Our team members have donated many hours of volunteer time to several charitable and not-for-profit organizations. We often participate in mock interviews and resume writing sessions at local colleges to help future job seekers. We frequently have several interns on staff to help develop the next generation of recruiters and HR professionals who know how to successfully #recruitkind. Kindness and paying it forward is part of our DNA at Recruiting Experiences.  

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