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Are you struggling with the challenges and stress that come along with searching for a new job?

RecruitSpace™ for job seekers is a coaching circle designed to provide coaching in a small group setting. During weekly sessions, job seekers will learn from our Certified Coaches, each other, and guest speakers. We’ll tackle real-world recruiting scenarios, share templates, conduct mock interviews, and provide accountability. Job seekers will receive email support as needed throughout the membership time.

Let us provide the support and expertise you need to shine and find the best match for you. Join one of our ongoing circles today!

Comprehensive, Subscription-based process

You’ll pay a one-time fee of $259 to receive a one-hour consultation and access to job seeker resources and career counseling. From there, it is $59 a month to receive ongoing support, weekly meetings and resources.

*$59 per month (charged on the same day of the month you signed up on). Requires 30-day notice to cancel.


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