How I Built My Brand by Building the Brands of Others

A large part of my business at Recruiting Experiences is contract recruiting. We partner with our clients to act as an extension of their brand. This absolutely involves extra work and it also boosts client satisfaction and candidate longevity.

I do it because I believe it’s the right way to do business, but there are also a surprising number of perks that come along with learning the brands of others. Read on to discover how tireless work on the brands of others has made me a better business owner and human:

The Power in Elevating People

There are few things more rewarding than working to elevate people you admire. As a small business owner, I feel a surge of excitement when I see another business owner’s success, particularly within my own community. I know the challenges. I face the same obstacles. I am rooting for them at my core. So, when I can be, even a small part, of that success, it drives me.

Similarly, I have been in recruiting for a very long time – I’ve seen some things! It is an industry with a reputation for being haphazard, harsh, and even cutthroat. I have lived the very best and the very worst of it over the years. So, when a business owner wants to partner with us to build their team & culture with people-first, kinder hiring practices, I am ready to partner and to shout their praises from the rooftops. Every step in the right direction matters.

Objectivity Makes a Valuable Advisor

Having done both, I can attest that representing someone else’s brand can be far easier than building your own. Why? Because you have the power of objectivity. Emotional attachment makes it far more difficult to judge what is or isn’t working and, for business owners, there are few things more personal than the businesses they tirelessly work to build. An outside perspective allows clear-headed execution and makes a valuable advisor. A good consultant brings a viewpoint that mirrors what the general public is seeing and uses the information to work as a champion in your corner. And lessons learned from this objectivity can be translated to your personal brand as well. Which leads me to:

The Value of Free Education

It’s no secret that the most successful people surround themselves with other successful people. Taking the time to learn about and understand the brands of others is a first-rate education in brand building. A contractor who carefully and strategically chooses their partner has opportunities to learn from the best every day.

You Look Good; We Look Good

I built the Recruiting Experiences brand to seamlessly mesh with representation of the brands of others. I chose the brand values of simplicity, excellence, reliability, and kindness because I truly believe that they are the undercurrent of success in recruiting for our client’s brands. I am representing you to candidates and I don’t take it lightly. I use our strengths to elevate your strengths. That’s what contract recruiters do. When we excel at our jobs, your business becomes more efficient at what it does best. Likewise, your business’s success reflects back on our processes.

A cautionary word that all of this only works if you are building the RIGHT partnerships. Here is an experienced word of advice on that:

Be Selective. Don’t fake it.

It can be tempting, especially in the very early stages of business growth to take on any equitable partnership that comes along. Remember that ultimate equity comes from more than just paid invoices. Don’t partner with brands that go against your own values; It’s easier to represent something you believe in. You’ll never walk away feeling you’ve tried to be something you aren’t.

Just remember that believing in someone else’s methods doesn’t have to mean them doing things just the way you would. There are a lot of ways to do things right. Contractors are generally hired to fill a void. The most successful partnerships happen when each party is working within their own sweet spot to achieve a common goal that everyone feels good about.

Build the brands of others and good things will come to you. You can feel good about the outcomes and revel in the perks you may gain along the way. The knowledge, perspective, and value to your own brand are immeasurable. It’s ok to be backstage sometimes. Let your client be front and center.

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