Excellence as a Core Value at Recruiting Experiences

Excellence at Recruiting Experiences 

Excellence by definition means the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. For Recruiting Experiences, it is one of our core values that we strive every day to exemplify in the services we provide to our customers.  We define excellence as doing things the right way while also taking pride in our profession and quality of work. Each person is held to the same set of standards around our value of excellence across all our services. I would like to highlight with this blog what that looks like for Recruiting Experiences as a business and what that looks like for our candidates and customers! 

What Do We Do Differently as a Business? 

A well-rounded approach to the recruiting and talent market is how we differentiate our excellence from others in the saturated space of recruiting. As a small, women-owned start-up, we offer a variety of services that not only focus on our clients and candidates but also on the betterment of the job-seeking and recruiting communities. Our Talent Acquisition Professional Certification provides upskilling for the recruiting community at large with the opportunity to learn from our CEO, Amy Oviedo. Another service we promote is our resume writing services to help job seekers present their skills in the best way possible in this tough economic environment.  

For Our Candidates 

Transparency and care are two ways that our team creates a standard of excellence for the candidates that we work with. Transparency to our team means that we tell the candidates everything we can about the positions we work for our clients as extensions for the brand. This ranges from questions about the team, company culture, benefits, and compensation.  

There is never a time that we do not call a candidate back regardless of them moving on in the process or not. As they move through interview processes with our clients, we also follow them through the process, provide feedback, answer questions, and negotiate if needed. Each experience with our team should show that we care about the candidate in the process as much as we do about the clients we are working with.  

For Our Clients 

As our business model includes acting as an extension of our client’s brand, we have multiple ways that we work to create the best representation and processes possible for our clients. We start the relationship with our clients by taking the time to learn as much as we can about their company, mission, team, and culture to become good representatives for their brand.  

There are many ways that we foster excellence through relationships with our clients, most centering around communication. Transparency is one of the driving factors for our team. After getting to know what we can about their organization, we act as consultants to help the hiring team clarify both the types of candidates they are looking for and the hiring processes to positively impact candidate experience.  During the hiring process, we collect data points on all aspects of candidate outreach and communication which will be presented to our client throughout the contract timeline. Any issues we may come across are addressed through regular meetings with the hiring team to keep processes always moving forward. 


From our well-rounded services to knowledge of our space, to coaching candidates, our team works to show excellence in every aspect of our work in recruiting. We hope that every person that decides to choose our team as a partner for their organization will recognize this quality as well! 


To learn more about the Recruiting Experience team’s core values, read this blog from Dom Vargas about why we value simplicity:  


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