5 Reasons Your Company Should Give Back

Volunteering is very important to us at Recruiting Experiences. We love making a positive impact on our community. There can be hesitation with volunteering due to time commitment or not volunteering for the “right” organization. However, we truly believe there are great benefits gained from giving back to your community.

Here are 5 key reasons why individuals and organizations should volunteer on a regular basis:

1) Positive Impact on Community

Ultimately, the intention of volunteering is to help others. Whether that is physically working at a charity event, preparing food for families in need, or donating school supplies to children living in poverty, the goal is the same. When we do selfless acts, we have a positive impact on the people we are helping. There is a sense of fulfillment and warmth knowing we truly made a difference.

2) Highlight Your Company’s Priorities

When putting this program together, we had all the support and encouragement from Leadership to get the Give Back Project fully ramped. As soon as we knew our Leaders were on board, we knew Recruiting Experiences practiced what they preached. One of Recruiting Experience’s core values is kindness. We are kind in our recruiting process, but we also want to be genuinely kind in every aspect of our lives. Volunteering is a great way to express kindness and show that our company cares and is readily available to help.

3) Encourage Employee Engagement

Since putting the program together, we have had great participation from the team. Any time we had an event prepared and ready to go, it was not difficult to find a handful of coworkers to join. Even though our priority is to help the organizations we are volunteering for, we still managed to grow closer together as a team by engaging with a common purpose.

4) Creates A Healthier Workforce

As mentioned above, increased employee engagement has resulted in an overall healthier workforce. Members of our company who have volunteered have shown visible joy and satisfaction after attending one of our volunteering events. Not only do they show it after the event, but they bring it back to the office, which creates a positive environment and atmosphere.

5) Improves Employer Brand

At each event, we get the opportunity to share about our business and the work we love doing for companies and job seekers. The volunteer work is genuinely satisfying. By sharing on our social media platforms, we can show our network, clients, and potential employees what we stand for as a company.

Living out our core values and improving the community is beneficial in many ways. Starting a volunteer program within your organization is easy and doesn’t require anything more than your team’s time. Our program started when our CEO was out of the office. I asked, “would anyone want to volunteer together if I put some things on the calendar?”. A resounding “YESSS!” followed. Our CEO then provided some basic parameters about what could be done within office hours vs after hours. Then, the team set a goal for the number of hours they wanted to give each month. We updated our time-keeping system to keep track of the goal and we were off and running.

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