10 Scary Realities – Halloween Job Search Edition

Have you noticed the uptick in Halloween decorations this year? If you live in the suburbs of America, you certainly have. If you live on LinkedIn like I do, you’ve also noticed how many job seekers are pushing through the treacherous dangers and spooky nights of a full blown job search.  As a lifelong Recruiter, I’m ready to guide you on this journey through the 10 scariest parts of the job search with my Venti Chai Tea Pumpkin Spice Latte and flashlight in hand.  

Go ahead and get the Venti – it’s going to be a long hayride!  

 1. Resume Coming to Life Crafting the perfect resume can feel like bringing Frankenstein’s monster into your reality. You’ve got to stitch together your skills, experience, and achievements into a coherent document that someone will actually read for more than 7 seconds. Google ‘Skills-Based Resume Template’ and Thank me later.  

2. Haunted LinkedIn Profile Updating your LinkedIn profile while watching ‘The Shining’? Will your profile picture shine with professionalism, or will you accidentally channel Jack Nicholson’s crazed grin? Once you get the picture right, don’t forget to doublecheck that your resume timeline matches your LinkedIn history, or you could be headed for an early application gravesite.  

3. Phantom Applications After sending out hundreds of applications, the silence can be deafening. It’s like you’re trapped in a suspenseful scene from “A Quiet Place.” But remember, every application is a step closer to landing your dream job so keep hunting and applying! Schedule time every day for some heads down hunting!
Ps – Is Jim from the Office mocking me silently? 

 4. Anxiety Zombies You finally get an interview, but then it’s like you’re facing a horde of zombies wandering aimlessly, incoherently. I know I had a point. Wait, what was the question? Interview anxiety can make you stumble and lose sleep, much like the undead. Practice your responses, stay calm and slay those interview jitters! 

5. Rejection Poltergeists the job search is an endless game of ‘would you rather?’. Would you rather be rejected or ghosted? Rejection emails can haunt your inbox like a poltergeist. Remember, each no is one step closer to a yes and just a slight detour on your haunted job search road. 

6. Ghosting Employers Speaking of ghosting… Some recruiters might vanish into thin air after promising you the moon. Don’t let it spook you! Keep searching for your right match and work with Employers and Recruiters who appreciate your talents and treat you with a high level of candidate care. Look for the ones giving out the BIG candy bars!  

7. LinkedIn Stalker Stalking your potential employer on social media feels eerily like a scene from ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. It’s important to research, but don’t cross over into creepy territory. Leave Facebook and fava beans out of your job search!  

8. The Curse of Overqualification Your skills are your magical powers – highlight them and the right employer will see the value you bring to the table. Being told you’re overqualified can feel like a witch’s curse – combat it with your special potion: unwavering commitment to a growth mindset, a positive attitude, and a bit of mink’s tail for good luck!  

 9. To Costume or Not? Choosing the perfect interview outfit can be as challenging as a Halloween costume contest. Dress to impress whether you’re in person, on Zoom, or on the phone. Just like a smile can be seen and felt through the phone, you’ll show up more confidently when you dress the part. If it’s actually Halloween, consider a bit of flair if the environment calls for it!  

10. Trick or Treat Consider how you can pay it forward during your search. Can you share a role to a fellow job seeker or give a referral name to a Recruiter? Perhaps when looking for a role and feeling like you get a ‘trick’ more often than not, paying it forward will bring you the good ‘treat karma’ needed to land the next right thing. 

In the world of job hunting, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in a Nightmare on Job Search Street! With a little guidance and a lot of determination, you can overcome the scariest parts of the job search process.  

Keep your spirits high and your treat bag full of opportunities. You’re on your way to finding your next opportunity. Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🦇 

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