🌟 Top 10 HR Outsourcing Ideas to Boost Q4 this year – Finish 2023 Strong! 💪 

As I’ve been speaking with HR professionals over the past few weeks, I can see the end-of-year eye haze beginning. There’s so much to do as we wind down the year and some of the must-dos and some of the want-to-dos may be at odds with one another. If that sounds like you, it may be time to consider how outsourcing to a fractional HR team (like Recruiting Experiences, wink wink 😉) can level up your team’s productivity. 🚀  

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the outsourcing waters, these 10 Talent-focused projects are bound to help you expand your horizons and get more done with that same 24 hours in a day. 🕒 Let’s GO! 

🔎 Goal Planning & Strategy 

Are you ready for SMARTER goals across your organization? Q4 is a great time to gather teams, upskill leadership, planning, and goal setting/management skills. Using a third-party trainer and facilitator can help these sessions run more smoothly and bring new energy to your teams. 🎯 

📊 Recruiting Assessment 

Time to review what’s working and what’s not in filling your candidate funnels and securing the best talent for your organization. This project should ALWAYS be outsourced to gather a new perspective on your recruiting process, tools, and candidate experience. 📈🔍 

💼 Onboarding Odyssey

Welcome new hires with some sizzle! When was the last time you evaluated your onboarding experience? Does it embrace belonging, inclusivity, knowledge-sharing, and success criteria? Is it engaging both onsite and remotely? Assessment of onboarding & recruiting as a bundle are highly impactful… do you have a Recruiting issue or an Onboarding issue? Both, Neither? 🦄 

🕒 Stay Interviews 

Trust a 3rd party to spend 1:1 time with your team and learn what is keeping them engaged in your workplace and in their role. More importantly, learn what is keeping them up at night and what might tempt them to seek greener pastures. Ditch your exit interviews and let’s talk about what’s going on in the organization right now.  

🎯 Performance Management Makeover

Say goodbye to outdated, boring, annual performance reviews. Partner with experts who can design a cutting-edge, employee-friendly performance management system driving real results and growth! And let’s make sure it’s digitized too! 🏆 

📣 Workplace Conduct Training 

It’s that time again! Did you know that organizations with employees in IL, CA, MN, CT, or MN are required to offer harassment training? Each state has their own requirements with many states only ‘highly recommending’ it. Check this site for your state’s info. Best practice is to conduct interactive, annual Workplace Conduct Training for all employees and have onboarding training available within 90 days of hire for all new employees and newly promoted supervisory roles regardless of state. 📅 

🛣 Career Pathing  

Time and again, engagement surveys reveal that employees, especially our Gen Z & Millennial teammates, want to know what their next steps are and how their roles impact the business. Mapping out the roles within your organization along with associated skills, training needed, and success criteria is a great step toward creating your own farm team.  

📣 Employee Handbook Overhaul 

It doesn’t have to be an overhaul – just a quick update will do. Are your policies still relevant in 2023? A new set of eyes on compliance needs and opportunities to make this ‘first impression’ document friendlier and more integrated to your mission and values is time well spent. 📧  

Job Descriptions & Job Listings 

Recruitment advertisements and Job Descriptions are NOT the same thing. Repeat – Not the same thing! You need both and you barely have time to create one. Clean up the legal documents and put a marketing spin on your old descriptions to create compelling advertisements to attract new talent to your team. This is a GREAT intern project if you are bringing in seasonal help.  

🎉 Office Festivity Frenzy

Planning holiday parties can be a hoot, but also a handful. Outsource the event planning and treat your team to an end of year training and/or celebratory shindig they’ll be talking about until next year! Combine training & parties for a double win! 🥳 

What could you do with all that extra time? Oh yeah, all the other things you already have planned like Open Enrollment, Compensation changes, engagement surveys, and annual reporting. Not to mention the pop-up activities that HR manages every day!  

Until cloning is a more viable option, outsourcing is a great alternative to getting more done with less. Embracing outsourcing in Q4 2023 doesn’t just mean crossing off tasks—it means unleashing a tidal wave of creativity, innovation, and productivity. 🌊💡 Which of these 10 projects would most expand your team’s capacity and drive value for your organization? Time to outsource and outshine! 🌟🌟🌟 

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